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Do More With Your Data.

A Unified Guest Experience Management Platform

SendSquared integrates with property management systems 

to unify lead, booking, and guest communication records into one 

single source of truth within our omnichannel communications hub.


Our proven programs streamline vacation rental and resort operations by automatically delivering the right message at the right time to drive direct bookings and maximize upsell opportunities.

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How it Works

SendSquared integrates your communication platforms into one place to analyze guest insights and engagement. Our software creates a unified guest record for each guest and stores their information from phone calls, emails, texts, and interests so you can communicate with them how they want to.

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Lead Capture & Conversion


Guest Experience Management


Database Marketing

This will help you discover your high-value customers, design offers based on how your guest interact, and have all your guest information in one spot.

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Why SendSquared

Unlike others, our software integrates quickly with your existing PMS, eliminating constant exports and imports between systems, keeping all information in one place so you don't lose important data, and enabling you to generate relevant segments based on your guest's interests, reservation, tags, and so much more. The result: high-value communications delivered to the guests who want it without creating fatigue in those who don't.

Ideal Customer

Capture leads, nurture relationships, and drive conversions.

Whether you are collecting leads from calls, web forms, or an integration, you can set automations for each source, so your potential customer gets the right message at the right time.

Guest Management

Deliver more personalized service by having the entire guest history at your fingertips.

PMS Integration

Unified Guest Record

Optimized Selling Opportunities

Travel by train

Database Marketing

Drive more revenue with targeted messages to dynamically segmented lists.




Email & SMS

Changing how the industry communicates with guests

SendSquared is purpose-built for the hospitality industry. We enable hotels, resorts, and vacation rentals to build lifelong relationships with guests by improving the guest experience.



The latest from SendSquared

Our Clients

Why companies like SendSquared?

"We have been able to realize significant savings by eliminating several other costly programs"

Myra Ladd-Bone

Atlantic Realty Outer Banks



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