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We are an incredibly simple, design focused email & SMS marketing platform.
Create beautiful designs in seconds that capture your customers for an eternity.
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Elevate your brand with our design tools.

Hundreds of script fonts, prebuilt micro layouts, and elegant mobile designs. Build stunning templates that build themselves on your data.

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Advanced growth tools and analytics.

Measure and learn how SendSquared automatically adjusts send times for the best performance.

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Our Features

It's more than just design. It's data driven tools that learns about your contacts. See what makes SendSquared the next generation of email & SMS marketing.

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We integrate to your website and favorite apps.

Connect to over 200+ apps with SendSquared and  automate all your marketing efforts.

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Excellent  4.7 out of 5

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The easiest editor ever

The email editor is so simple to use. Hands down, it's the easiest designer we've used. It's made a huge impact on how we gained our following. Folks from all over have loved our weekly updates with our fancy script fonts so much... they just began calling our list "TreeMail!" We were happy to adapt Y'alls name - TreeMail it is!

Seth & Tori Bolt

Get going in less than 15 minutes

Getting started was so easy. Less than 15 minutes to get everything up and connected. Verified my email and off I went! Their premade layouts made it seamless to elevate my brand, and saved our team countless hours.

Joan Wolff
Deerfield Spa

Detailed reporting that makes a difference

Our team loves the campaign reporting and digging through comprehensive and individual actions. The reports make it easy to see and replicate what works to new workflows to automate our marketing efforts.

Nathan Page, Ph.D.

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