Building Customer Relationships Through Email Marketing

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Building Customer Relationships Through Email Marketing

When using email marketing, there is much more that goes into making it successful than just hitting the send button. When creating your emails, start to think about who your ideal audience is and what they want from you. After all, your business is nothing without loyal customers. So, before hitting send, sit down and start to understand.

Email marketing is essential when nurturing customer relationships. This is especially true now that more business is being done online. However, you need to remember that just because you don’t meet them face to face doesn’t mean you shouldn’t treat them like the individual they are and not only another subscriber.

Providing a good marketing strategy and an excellent customer experience is critical when using email marketing—the better the encounter, the happier the customers. The vital part of your marketing strategy and customer service is offering them more than just products/services but customer relationships via email, social media, and other contactless forms. So how do you do this all within an email?

building relationships through email

Personalizing your emails is vital to building a relationship via email. Personalizing is more than just adding your name to the subject line or your logo. It is about getting to know your customers and taking the time to get as much relevant information as possible. One example is creating a website popup asking from more than just an email. Ask for their name, location, birthday, etc. Once you gather the information, you can segment your lists and start creating more detailed oriented emails. If you get their birthday, offer a promotion during their birthday month. By creating segments, you can begin to create a customer relationship.

Another great way to stay on top of customer relationships is by creating automations. Your customers landed on your website because you have either information, products, or services they want. So when they give you their email address, they are looking for a response, whether it is a deal or a welcome email. Start the relationship off right away don’t let them sit in your lists for a couple of months. Creating automations also helps save you time. Let the system do it for you versus you sending an email for every new subscriber or order confirmation message. Not only are you building customer relationships, but you don’t have to do the work.

If you want to grow your customer relationships and earn their loyalty, build a customer loyalty campaign. These campaigns are perfect for nurturing your customers via email. They encourage your customers to keep interacting with your brand. One way to start building a loyalty campaign is by offering them special incentives they wouldn’t see online, whether it is a free night stay or a 5% discount, having it only provided to them will make them feel special and will push them to use the offer. These emails will also keep your brand in front of the mind.

Lastly, when building customer relationships via email is to be reachable. Have your email, phone, number, social media links, and any other contact information available. Your subscribers expect to be able to reach you quickly, and if they can’t find a way to do so, it might lead to an unsubscribe. Another thing to avoid is no-reply email addresses. Not only could these end up in the spam folder, but it makes the client feel that you don’t want them to reach out to you, and this could lead to a lack of trust and loyalty. Just as stated in the beginning, treat your subscribers as if you were face to face in a store. Offer the two-way communication between you and the subscriber to keep building your relationships.

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