Creating Customer Loyalty Through Email Marketing

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Creating Customer Loyalty Through Email Marketing

Knowing your business is bringing in potential customers is a great feeling. However, most people don’t know how to bring those subscribers back automatically through email marketing. A customer loyalty program encourages your customers to interact and eventually buy from your brand. These programs are not only useful to get new customers but to retain current ones. The point behind customer loyalty programs is to create a positive customer experience. If they have a great experience, then they are more likely to spend and keep spending. So which loyalty program do you want to offer your customers?

vip programs

VIP programs have no limitations when it comes to designing your campaign. This program is primarily to offer exclusive emails to those who sign up. Exclusive offers can be early access to special deals, product releases, and invitations to events. These VIP emails encourage your customers to make a purchase based on the offers that are being presented.

ambassador programs

An Ambassador program incentivizes customers to be brand advocates, whereas a VIP program is an emailing list that gets perks and exclusive offers. Brand Ambassadors show off products, talk about deals, and excite your brand. These customers get perks of hugely discounted items, sometimes free, attending events and new releases, and sometimes even are featured on your website. These customers are your real cheerleaders and how you will get new customers.


The most popular program is a referral program. This program is about having your current customers invite their friends and family to sign up or purchase a product. In exchange for the referral, the customer gets points, money back, or a discount. Whether you are looking for more followers on social media, more sign-ups for emails, or more purchases for a specific product, a referral program is a great way to build brand and customer loyalty.

There are plenty of different programs you can utilize to create customer loyalty through email marketing. However, make sure you pick one that is right for you based on your brand and business type. Also, don’t be afraid to reach out to your current customers to get feedback. You can create a survey or ask them to message you back with their input. Knowing what your existing customers want will help you drive in more customers and retain them. Get started with SendSquared and create your customer loyalty program and automation all in one place.

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