Creating Effective Email Copy

A compelling email copy is not just about the words but making an email that your audience will respond to.

When you are having a busy week, it is crucial not to forget that quality matters in an email. A compelling email copy is not just about the words but making an email that your audience will respond to. Creating an email with tone, personality, and value is the most important thing. This post will go over what to remember the next time you are struggling with writer's block. 

The Conversation

Think about who your email is for. Is it for a new client or someone who has been a long time customer? In most cases, your content will be very different for each. You don't have to be an expert writer. Just understand your objectives for the email and adapt your language. Consider a unique voice for your email marketing campaigns, and then keep it consistent. Do you always want it to be from you, or do you want to convey the voice of a marketing team or friend? Depending on your choice, it will create its tone and a new kind of relationship with your audience. When in doubt, be your authentic self. How would you talk to these customers in real life?

Keep It Short 

With so much content out there, people have turned to skimming articles, taking shortcuts, and focusing on keywords. So it is imperative to keep your email copy clear and to the point. If you have a long article, you want to include a little preview of it and then link it to a blog or your website. If your promotion has many instructions, use bullet points so people can check off their to-do list and make sure nothing got lost in translation. A majority of your readers will not read the whole email. They will find the information they want. Use keywords in headers, construct sections, and use space to guarantee your message is readable. 


A call to action goes hand in hand with keeping your email message clear and concise. What are the steps the reader has to take? What value are your readers getting out of this email? If your message is too long for your email, have a call to action and bring them to your webpage to read more. Always remember that it is more than getting a click to your landing page. While you are keeping it short and sweet, be sure to continue to build your relationship. Ask for more information, take them to a new page, or have them try something new. 


Decide how you are going to measure the success of your email marketing campaign. Are you going to base it on click-through rates, how much was sold, or simply continuing to build your relationship with your customers? Once you figure out your campaign's objective, then think about what you want to do differently next time. Maybe it includes more design, a more prominent call to action, or perhaps segmenting your audience to build different email marketing campaigns. You can always keep improving your email marketing campaigns. Just remember, when sending an email, it is quality over quantity. 

The next time you are having trouble creating your email, run through the steps; start the conversation, keep it short, generate action, and then keep on improving. With SendSquared, we create pre-made templates, so all you have to do is follow the steps above to generate your content and start your email marketing journey. 

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