Dealing With Email Marketing Mistakes

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Dealing With Email Marketing Mistakes

Mistakes happen even with email Marketing. Whether it be a spelling mistake, a date change, a broken link, formatting issues, these issues occur to even the most experienced email marketer. So, the question is, how do you deal with these mistakes? Create a plan!

Rather than trying to rush after a mistake happens, have a plan in place. An outline will make sure you react in a calm and quick fashion and create peace of mind for further emails.

email marketing mistake plan:

  1. What could go wrong? Create a list of potential issues that could happen when you send an email campaign such as broken links, typos, website issues, etc. Putting together a list will help you tackle every mistake and get organized. It will also help you handle the situation in a professional manner.
  1. Should you respond? Take a look back at your list of mistakes and determine which ones require a follow-up email. Not every error, such as a spelling typo, requires a response. People understand that some mistakes will happen. Make a note next to each mistake on your list, whether you think it deserves a follow-up. The ones that require a follow up are usually the ones that could hurt conversions or your brand. An example of a mistake that probably deserves a follow-up email could be forgetting the call to action. Sending out a promotion email without the promo code or forgetting the link to the special, etc.
  1. How should you apologize? Once you have figured out which mistakes deserve a response, define how you want to respond. Is it as simple as sending a follow-up email with the correct link, do you have to apologize on social media channels, or maybe both? Once you define how you want to respond, set response time. How quickly does the mistake have to be addressed? Will waiting one more hour to answer hurt my brand? Ensure everyone has the same plan, whether it is a marketing team or the front desk, so that everyone will be on the same page.
  1. Do you have the follow-up templates ready to go? The last thing to make sure you are prepared for any email marketing mistake is a template for each error that deserves a response. Creating a draft will help with time management and make sure you are not feeling overwhelmed to make a situation right. Create a template for each case from an oops email template, including the correct link or promo code, to an apology email saying sorry for your mistake. Also, create a document that has wording you want to use if you have to post on social media or write a personalized letter. This way, if you need someone else to address the situation, they can reference the plan and know exactly what to do and say.

Planning for mistakes, even if you don’t think they could happen, is essential not only for your brand but for your customers. Everyone makes mistakes, but how you handle it will let your customers know that you care. Now that your plan is in place start creating your email templatesand get ready to send your next email campaign.

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