Email Marketing Goals: Part 1

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Email Marketing Goals: Part 1

Digital marketing, including email marketing, is ever-evolving. Meaning that tactics once used will no longer work to win over subscribers. It is easier than ever to create a unique campaign for your business and your subscribers with all the data available. Whether your goals are for the new year or to improve by the end of the next period, now is the time to hone in on our email marketing and start creating outstanding campaigns

Open Rates

The average email open rates differ by industry but usually falls between the 15% and 20% range. However, you should be striving to fall above the average range. So how do you do that? Revamping your emails is an excellent place to start. Your subject line should be intriguing and cause urgency. Ensure your subject line doesn’t contain any filler words that might cause the email to go to spam, such as profit, free, and income. To help generate intrigue, use the preview text to let your customer know what is in the email before opening it. This last tip shouldn’t come as a surprise, but the more personalized your emails are, the more connected your subscriber will feel and will continue to open your emails. This means being transparent with your message, such as who is sending the email and what’s in it for the subscriber when opening the email. 

Click-Through Rate

Getting your email opened is just part of the struggle. Now you have to get your subscribers to click-through. The average click-through rate is around 2%, so it is essential to do everything you can to get your subscribers to click through. To get the highest click-through rate, it is vital to stick to a single goal and a single call to action. This means don’t clutter your email with different promotions. If you are sending an email to push a product, keep it simple and talk about the product, maybe offer a promotion, and get them to click through for more information or purchase the product. Also, make sure your call to action is clear. Surround your call to action with plenty of whitespace and use contrasting colors, whether a button or a picture. By doing this, you are bringing the eye to the call to action and clarifying the next step. Design is just as crucial as content, so make sure you balance each aspect while staying loyal to your brand.

Automated campaigns

You don’t need a robot to sit at your front desk to send updates regularly. Automation is a great tool to take your email marketing plans to the next level. Not only does setting up automation free up time, but it can help to personalize your communications. Automation emails are timelier and more relevant, which can cause better open and click-through rates. Some email examples to create your automation are welcome emails, thank you emails, birthday emails, and transactional emails. Using one of these emails can make sure your subscribers get the information they need without you having to do the work. It will show good customer service by keeping the communication going and will show personalization by sending the email to the subscriber when they need it most. 

There are plenty more goals to elevate your email marketing. From membership campaigns to optimizing mobile devices, you will be on your way to a successful email marketing strategy. Stay tuned for more tactics on how to improve your email marketing. Until then, take a look at SendSquared and how you can start to expand your email efforts by switching to a better email marketing platform.

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Email Marketing Goals Part 2

Email Marketing Goals Part 1 talked about open rates, click-through rates, and automated campaigns. These goals are essential to keep in mind when honing in on your email marketing campaign. However, they are not the only goals to have. To make sure you are creating the best email marketing strategy for your business, look at these tips.

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Email Marketing Goals: Part 1

Digital marketing, including email marketing, is ever-evolving. Meaning that tactics once used will no longer work to win over subscribers.