Email Marketing Subject Lines: Negative Trends

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Nicole Finnegan
Email Marketing Subject Lines: Negative Trends

You learned about positive subject line trends, and now it is time to discuss negative trends. While the negative trends go hand and hand with the positive trends, it is essential to note what not to do and what it means if you do. Below we will go through things you should try to avoid. 

Long titles 

Subject lines and preview lines are the first things people will read after the sender's address. Titles of more than 45 characters are considered long. Most MUA's (Mail User Agents) will clip the more extended subjects, and hence the trailing text will never be read. While this won't hurt your delivery, it could potentially damage your open rate. Try to find a different way to get your message across with fewer characters. 

Multiple Emojis 

While using one emoji is a positive trend for your subject line, using more than one will start to decrease your open rate and could land your email in spam. Try to find the right emoji for your content. Putting a bunch of hearts to fill space is not a good idea. However, featuring a dog for your pet grooming specials 🐶  is a great idea. 

Trigger words 

Everyone has a spam folder and spam filters. While this is a great feature not to clutter your inbox, it also means that the filters could sweep your valuable email into the dark folder called spam. You can't afford to let your emails end up in the spam folder that people only check occasionally. The easiest way to steer clear of the spam filter is to know what trigger words get you there. 

Manipulative words such as buy direct or call today can create unnecessary urgency or pressure. When every email you send creates urgency, your customers will think nothing is urgent at some point. 

Your customers are looking for value when they read your subject lines, so don't come off as too needy. Words that can sound desperate such as free or bonus, don't exactly tell your customers what they are getting or how to get it. Be clear and upfront. 

Far-fetched statements that are too good to be true create a strong chance that spam filters will pick up on it. Subject lines that feature words such as earn cash or win a million dollars will probably be flagged as spam.

Content not aligned 

If your email's content is poorly related to the subject line, the click-through rates drop dramatically. Let's say your subject line is "50% off your next stay", but your email is about gift cards, or an online tutorial that will make your audience feel deceived. Not being transparent is not a great way to build trust and ultimately lead to an unsubscribe or spam filter. 

In summary, the net takeaway is shorter subject lines, with a single emoji, featuring content from your email will perform better than longer contemporaries without an Emoji. As an example between the following two subject lines, the first would work better: "🏖 stay at the beach" would be a success because it features 21 characters, a single Emoji, leading with an Emoji, and no negative words. Whereas "Stay at the beach now with Alexander Resorts" has 44 characters, no Emoji, and confuses the messaging with branding proceeding in negative results. 

To keep your deliverability rate high and your customers engaged, be sure to follow the positive trends and avoid the negative. A lot goes into email marketing, and starting with your subject lines is a great place to get your emails to stand out in your customer's inbox. To get started on your email marketing subject lines and unique templates, go to SendSquared.

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Email Marketing Subject Lines: Negative Trends

While the negative trends go hand and hand with the positive trends, it is essential to note what not to do and what it means if you do.

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