Email Marketing Trends For 2021

Every new year comes with its own sets of trends to keep an eye on. Since the tech world keeps growing, and there is no chance it will slow down, there will be a lot more to look out for.

Every new year comes with its own sets of trends to keep an eye on. Since the tech world keeps growing, and there is no chance it will slow down, there will be a lot more to look out for. However, it is not always easy to identify the trends that will blend with your current email marketing strategy. Read on to discover the trends that will help generate your marketing toolkit for 2021.

Subscriber’s Behavior

Marketing platforms are getting more intuitive with how they send emails and also how they track them. Before, the standard way to get your email out was to create and click send. But, by simply doing that, you lose out on the data that you could be discovering. You can now collect data based on each subscriber and how they utilize their email. Why send everyone an email on Tuesday if only 20% check their emails that day? Using artificial intelligence software, you can track when each person received the email, opened the email, and when they clicked. The AI software will send the email at a specific, personalized time to each person, so it hits their inbox when they’re looking at it. Now, it is as simple as still hitting “Send,” but with higher engagement results.


GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is not something new going into 2021. If anything, more regulations are being created to help your subscribers protect their personal information. However, for a lot of people, that produces stress. Are you following all the rules? How do you know if it is spam? With email verification, you can check which emails are valid or invalid to ensure your sender reputation is protected. Email verification isn’t new. What is new is a free built-in email verification that makes things simpler for you.

When email software companies include email verification in their design, they are doing their part to protect not only you but also your customers. Email verification shouldn’t be something extra that you have to pay for. It should just be included because it is a necessity in email marketing. Going into the new year, get your subscriber list verified and take a look to see if your current company provides free email verification.


Many markers struggle with jumping from one platform to another to build an email. Their website popup might be from one company, and the subscribers get dropped into another outlet where they then need to export that list into another medium, and the list goes on. One big push for 2021 is easy integration. Why can’t all your email marketing be done in one place? Construct your website popup, and those subscribers get entered into the same system where you can send your email. Easy integration doesn’t stop there. Creating seamless integrations with websites and automation is also crucial. Joining a service to find out later it doesn’t work with your current website is frustrating to anyone. Companies are now making it easier than ever to integrate with all websites and across multiple platforms. Go over your marketing strategy for the new year and if you are using more than one platform for your emails, think about looking into another that can save you time and money. 

There are plenty of other trends to follow for 2021. The ones listed above will not only help grow your email marketing strategy but work cohesively. These trends don’t mean you have to do a complete overhaul of your current plan. Instead, make things simple for you and look at what you have and how you can do more with it. Then, make it a New Year’s resolution.

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