Improve Your Email Marketing Performance During The Holidays

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Nicole Finnegan
Improve Your Email Marketing Performance During The Holidays

Getting your email to stand out and be seen during the holiday season is the biggest challenge. It is the toughest part of the year because every other business is ramping up emails and working hard to make their brand stand out. So what can you do to improve your holiday emails? Below are tips to help you generate more open and click through rates and break through the clutter.

Optimize For Mobile

The most obvious tip is to make sure your emails look just as good on a mobile device as a desktop. It is more important than ever to make sure your emails are optimized for mobile because around 46% of all emails opened are on a mobile device. Most email marketing platforms help you with this step, such as SendSquared. All you have to do is create your email, and it will automatically be optimized for mobile. Once you are done creating your email, send yourself a test email, open it on your mobile device, and see how it looks!

Customer Success

Just because you are sending an email doesn't mean that person to person communication needs to stop. During the holiday season, helping your customers succeed is very important. Customers will remember the brand that helped them solve a problem or answer a question. Give your customers all the information they need to reach out for help. Also, be transparent. If shipping takes longer because of demand or specific policies for returns or a promo code, let them know. The more information you include, the more they will trust you and have a positive experience. 

Call To Action

Whether a button or image, a call to action makes your message more scannable, more engaging, and faster to comprehend. With people getting so many emails, they do not want to read a novel to get to the promo code or the message's overall context. By creating short segments and easy to follow call to actions, people can easily open your email and click to the next step. Combine this with excellent customer service, and your emails will be ready to been seen.

Thank You Emails

Break up to the stream of promotion emails with a 'Thank You' email. Give your customers some relief from the 'Buy This' emails and give them a 'feel-good' email. Even though these emails are not directly designed to sell, they build engagement and customer loyalty. Have fun with the design of this email. You can include a call to action or other text but make sure this email's primary content is to let your customers know that you appreciate their business. Not only are you adding brand value, but you are also standing out with a different type of email. 

The above tips will help you elevate your messaging and stand out in your customer's inbox. While promotion-driven emails have an essential place in the holiday season, adding something different will allow you to have a little more creative freedom and make your brand more memorable. These emails require a bit more effort to produce, but it is easy to get started with SendSquared. Sign up today for free and get started on your holiday email marketing strategy. 

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