Is Your Email Marketing Cost-Effective?

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Nicole Finnegan
Is Your Email Marketing Cost-Effective?

Email marketing is an essential communication tool for brands and companies in 2020. With the ever-growing popularity of email, it is more important than ever to stand out in the inbox. To ensure you are staying on track with your marketing strategy, it is vital to know the impact email has on your bottom line.

Email marketing is as inexpensive as you need it to be. However, most platforms will let you ‘upgrade’ when you start growing your email list or sending more emails. This is where the hidden costs of your email plan can get you. You can be spending upwards of $1000 just for your email software before you know it. To help make sure you have the right smart strategy software, SendSqaured created its flat-rate fee of $35/month. So there are no hidden costs when you start growing your email database or want to send more than one email a week.

To ensure you have the right email marketing strategy, you will want to track your conversion rate, whether it is actual profits or leads. When you are sending emails, you encourage your audience to visit your website, check out a product, or take advantage of a particular service. To make sure you are getting the most out of your email, you can set up ROI tracking, whether through eCommerce or action tracking. Why does it matter? To most, ROI tracking might not seem like a big deal if they use email marketing for more of a communication platform. However, to the people who are using it to push more business, making sure they are getting the most out of an email is essential. It can inform you whether your audience liked a certain product over another. It can also help you understand if email marketing fits into your marketing budget.

However, it takes more than technology to earn conversions. You need an active audience that is interested in what you offer and your brand. That means creating content that attracts the right people. You will need a powerful email template that will keep your subscribers wanting more. Send2 offers an easy to use drag and drop editor along with subject line testers and so much more.

When deciding if you email marketing plan if cost-effective, remember to look at all the benefits. Can you build a powerful email template that represents your brand? Can you inform your entire customer base with a push of a button? Is your marketing platform build to last? Are you getting charged for extra emails? If you are ready to invest in an email marketing platform that will make sure your email marketing efforts are effective, try SendSquared for free today!

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