Raising Email Marketing To A New Power

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Nicole Finnegan
Raising Email Marketing To A New Power

You might have recently seen that we changed our name from AdBase to SendSquared, and we want to tell you why! We started to feel AdBase was feeling too broad. It was referring to ads, and we want our customers to focus on digital marketing as a whole but in particular, email marketing. Plus, there is another AdBase that doesn’t have a good reputation, and we wanted to make sure you knew we were not them…we are better!

So why, Send²? We want to emulate the intelligence and wisdom behind sending an email. When you square something, you are raising the power, so why not do that with your email marketing? We want to create something better and greater than your average email marketing platform. We are taking it to the next level with our predictive sending feature and an easy-to-use email and SMS template builder. Our true AI predictive email marketing system (the only one of its kind) helps you determine what email, text, or SMS/MMS to send, when to send, and whom to send it to. Helping to elevate open rates, get more actions, and level up your business tech stack. No other email marketing provider does this. Everything you create is under one roof—no need to jump around from platform to platform to see how your email campaign did. Our reports give you the information you need, and with those reports, we provide you with insight on how to keep improving your email marketing efforts.

SendSquared offers not only gorgeous templates but also AI behavioral popups that learn the best times to appear to keep growing your email and SMS/MMS lists. Take advantage of our easy to build automations so you can let our platform do the work for you. Make your next email and SMS campaign powerful with SendSquared.

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