Save Time on Your Email Marketing

To make sure you get organized not only for the year ahead but for years to come, we are highlighting our time-saving features. Our email marketing software will help you free up your schedule and make sure you don't sacrifice your marketing plan.

With the new year underway, it is the perfect time to refresh your email marketing. It is time to wipe the slate clean and start fresh. Email marketing shouldn't be a burden for your business. It should be something that adds value but not more time to your schedule. That is why SendSquared prides itself on being a one-stop-shop for your email marketing needs. 

To make sure you get organized not only for the year ahead but for years to come, we are highlighting our time-saving features. Our email marketing software will help you free up your schedule and make sure you don't sacrifice your marketing plan. 


Verification will be an essential feature in 2021, with GDPR and more regulations forming around marketing and personal information. It is important to us that we protect your customer's data and your sender reputation. We have a built-in verification system that filters out valid and invalid emails to ensure you are not sending your emails directly to spam and that your audience is getting quality information. All you have to do is upload your email list and let our system verify every email address that gets added.

Subscription Form

A subscription form is vital for growing your email marketing list. That is why we offer subscription forms to everyone. We don't want you to have to find a second party to create a subscription form, only to sync or upload your new email list every couple of weeks. We want to make it easy for you, so all you have to do is add the code to your website and let the form do the rest. When your subscribers sign up, they will automatically get put into a list in your dashboard. Also, our system will automatically verify every subscriber to make sure they have a valid email address. 

Email Templates

It shouldn't take you long to design the perfect email template with pre-designed templates and an easy-to-use email editor. Our system allows you to add images, videos, buttons, and so much more. With an easy duplicate button, you don't have to start from scratch every time you want to send out an email. Duplicate the last template, make the edits you need, and send out your new newsletter. 

SMS Messaging

Want to make sure you get in touch with your customers right away? SendSquared has a built-in SMS messaging service. With an easy to use editor, such as the email editor, all you have to do is upload valid mobile phone numbers that have opted-in to text messaging and create your content. SMS messaging is a great way to get in touch fast with your audience.


Whether you want to create a simple welcome email or a full drip campaign, SendSquared allows you to create your sequence in the same space. You can get specific and make your automation from scratch, or you can access our automation gallery to pick the sequence you want to use. Automation is a great way to save time. Why send a welcome email manually to every new subscriber when you can have the system automatically do it for you? All you have to do is create the emails' content, whether it is a simple update or a promotion, plugin it into the automation sequence you chose, and sit back and relax. 

All of the above features are available through SendSquared. By offering these features in one place, it eliminates jumping back and forth between different services. The more organized your email platform is, the easier it will be to grow your email marketing. Take a look for free and see if SendSquared is the perfect solution to refresh your email marketing.

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