The Benefits of a Website Popup

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Nicole Finnegan
The Benefits of a Website Popup

Email marketing and SMS marketing are essential parts of any business. However, how do you keep your email marketing list growing? A website popup is an on-screen interaction that displays a call to action and can help you gain more subscribers. It is different from the traditional footer sign up link because it attracts the user’s attention. A website popup is easy to create, and whether you want an exit-intent popup or a popup that offers a deal, there are plenty of ways to keep growing your email marketing list.

easy to use

Create your website popup and let it do the work for you. With a website popup, you can choose when you want it to appear and how you want it to look. After you have designed and tested it out, let it start doing its job. If you want to go even further, set up a drip campaign. Create an email that thanks them for subscribing or also offers them a promo code. This email will automatically send out after someone subscribes, and all you have to do is make sure you include them in your next email marketing campaign.

target audience

Some people think that having a pop up on their website in annoying. However, if you do it the right way, it is a great way to get customers that want to hear from you. A pop up doesn’t force someone to sign up; it gives them a choice, and if they choose to sign up, it is because they want to hear from you. With these opt-ins, make sure you take the time to segment these emails based on engagement or preferences. An example is if you offer a promo code on your popup, make sure they go into a group that preferences they want offers. If you change the popup content, make sure you put them into another group noting their wants. This will help you later on with your email marketing strategy.

content flexibility

With a website popup, you can change the type of call to action, but you can also change what kind of information you want to gather from your subscribers. When creating a popup, most times, you ask for an email address. However, you can also ask for a name, phone number, and more. We suggest that you keep it short and simple because a user doesn’t want to spend more than a few seconds filling out a form. Think thoroughly though on how you want to follow up with these customers. If you’re going to send them an SMS marketing campaign, ask for their mobile number. You can also do a multiple opt-in asking for their email first, and once they click to sign up, it will prompt the next step “if you want 10% off enter your mobile number”. Offering these different options allows you to deliver the right content to the right people at the right time.

A website popup is a great strategy not only to get great results, but get results that matter. By including a website popup into your email marketing strategy, you are building better customer relationships, expanding your business opportunities, and making your business flourish. If your company hasn’t taken the time to implement a website popup take a look at SendSquared, where it is free to use and create your website popup.

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