Time to refresh your email marketing list

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Nicole Finnegan
Time to refresh your email marketing list

Email blasts are part of the past, and delivering relevant email marketing campaigns is the trend. With many companies relying on email marketing, consumers expect to see the right message at the right time. This means having a massive email list is not as important as having a quality email list. The new focus is building a healthy list with costumers that want to hear from you. 

Email Marketing Software

There are plenty of email marketing software companies available. However, take a look at why you are using the one you are. Some provide money saving options but don’t offer all the services you need. Some give you all the bells and whistles but only allow you to send a certain number of emails. It is never too late to change email marketing services. All you need to do is export your current email list and move it to an email marketing software that gives you what you need. Consider the following when deciding to stay or change your email marketing software: 

  • What features do you need?
  • How much are you willing to spend?
  • How many users can use the software?
  • Does the software help you to grow your email list?

Subscribe Form

When considering an email marketing software, see if they provide a subscription form for your website. Having everything in one place is not only easy for you but makes sure nothing gets lost during uploads and transitions. A sign-up form is a great way to start growing your list and getting people involved in your brand. They landed on your site for a reason, now make sure to engage with them. Opt-ins don’t have to happen on a website. Think big and ask your followers to sign up on social media. You can offer a deal and other incentives to get more sign-ups. However, don’t ask for too much. The more simple and easy your sign-up process is, the more likely your customer will opt-in.

Double Opt-ins

Don’t be afraid to set up a double opt-in. Many subscribers sign up for an email for a special incentive, and once they get it, they unsubscribe or tune your email out. To make sure you are getting quality leads, ask them one more time if they want to be apart of your email list. This not only verifies valid email addresses but will ensure you are getting customers who genuinely wish to be apart of your brand. 

Valuable Information

Don’t send an email just to send one. Wait until you have useful information to share with your audience. They have signed up to receive something from you, whether updated news, specials, new products, etc. So make sure when sending an email, you are sharing relevant information. Also, not all updates have to be shared in a long email. Have a small section that brings them to a click to action button. You can share more information via blog, website page, social, and so much more. 

Healthy Email Marketing List

It is essential once you start to grow your list to stay organized. To create a healthy list, it means segmenting and cleaning your list. Take note of highly engaged people, semi-engaged, and not engaged. This is important when sending valuable information. The people that are not involved re-engage with them. Send them a ‘are you still there’ email with an offer to get them back to your site. The highly engaged tell them about a new product they should try. You don’t have to send the same email to your whole email list. Maintaining a healthy list will not only help you to increase your email marketing efforts, but it will allow you to keep growing your list effectively. 

Follow these steps to refresh and grow your email marketing list. If you are considering a new email marketing software, take a look at SendSquared. Not only does it offer a flat-rate fee with no hidden cost, but it also provides sign up forms, automation, beautiful email templates, and so much more. Try it for free today and start your refresh. 

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