Using both Email & SMS Marketing together

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Nicole Finnegan
Using both Email & SMS Marketing together

With the popularity of cell phones, it is no surprise that SMS marketing and email marketing have become a powerful combination. Digital marketing is always changing, and that is why it is crucial to keep up with the times and engage with your customers to give them the information they need in the right way. By combining email marketing and bulk SMS, you are offering your audience to receive your message in a way that is convenient for them.

better engagement

Email marketing and text marketing are entirely permission-based, which allows you to get better engagement. Whether the customer signs up through a website popup or checks a box to receive a mass text, they provide you consent to receive brand communication, which means they want to hear more from you. This is not only simple to do but free. With ads, you can’t guarantee everyone wants to see them. Email marketing and SMS marketing offers a solution to interact with the right target audience.

better together

After you have received permission to send out updates, promos, etc. you can build your relationship through email and MMS marketing. Emails are better for longer messages, such as newsletters, where the message will have more information, whereas a mass text is meant to be simpler and shorter. Use email to continue to build the relationship and text to keep your brand and message in their frame of mind. Send an email with the majority of your content and then follow up with a simple text message reminding them of the awesome special that is taking place, or you can switch it. Send a short text message informing them what to expect and look for in a future email.

better commitment

When combining SMS marketing and email marketing, it is vital to leverage your contact lists. When sending out a special/promotional email, it is important to note who engages the most. Which ones are more likely to take action? Do they reply? What type of content drives a specific customer? Then make sure you segment them either based on engagement or content. This will help you get a higher ROI with your mass text by knowing what message to send them based on their interest and commitment.

Combining SMS marketing with email marketing is essential. Both platforms are connected with mobile devices and have excellent customer relationship results. So, it makes sense to team them up to make a great digital marketing campaign. The next time you have a big promotion, update, or time-sensitive message, utilize both email marketing and SMS marketing.

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