Using both Email & SMS Marketing together

With the popularity of cell phones, it is no surprise that SMS marketing and email marketing have become a powerful combination. Digital marketing is always changing, and that is why it is crucial to keep up with the times and engage with your customers to give them the information they need in the right way. By combining email marketing and bulk SMS, you are offering your audience to receive your message in a way that is convenient for them.

Avoid the hidden costs of email marketing

Did you know that most email marketing platforms have hidden charges that make your rates go up? Yes, you read that correctly! Mailchimp charges per contact, not per send. Worse, they charge you for contacts you can’t even email. Under their new pricing model, the only contacts they won’t charge you for are those that are: cleaned, pending, reconfirmed, deleted, and archived.

Is Your Email Marketing Cost-Effective?

Email marketing is an essential communication tool for brands and companies in 2020. With the ever-growing popularity of email, it is more important than ever to stand out in the inbox. To ensure you are staying on track with your marketing strategy, it is vital to know the impact email has on your bottom line.

Take advantage of SendSquared Email Marketing Affiliate Program

Email Marketing is not only a great tool to communicate with people, but also an excellent tool for earning money through promos, product placement, and so much more. However, you could be making money by simply using your email marketing platform.

Unleash Your Brand With Digital Marketing

Creating a strong digital brand is essential in today’s world. It tells a story, whether written or visual, about who you are and what your customers can expect. Digital Marketing is a valuable asset with a consistent presence across all platforms that can increase revenue. You have to assume your digital brand to be the first contact potential customers have with your business.

Types of Marketing Email

Most people think of email marketing as promotional ads/emails. However, there are plenty of email templates out there and different ways to use them. Marketing emails should inform not only your subscribers of deals but also foster customer loyalty and brand awareness.

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