Inspiration, Authenticity & Adventure

SendSquared was conceptualized through a shared love of inspiration and adventure. Together we have built something truly unique, where the product is more than just some software.

About Us

Our team is comprised of engineers, designers, and marketers. Immersed with modern and purposeful design, we consider every detail to ensure the best experience. We strive for this, not only for ourselves, but for our customers as well. We’ve built our products to follow our mantra:

"An authentic adventure that inspires us."

This virtue, which may seem unattainable is actually within reach. As long as we strive to obtain it together.

Our Values



Established during the COVID pandemic, we’ve enabled a remote workforce with open and fluid internal communications.

Measured on the results to which we aspire, our workplace style excludes the concept of shifts. Likewise, vacation and time off is encouraged to be taken as needed. Lastly, evaluations are based on individual, team, and company goals.

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