Comparing SendSquared vs Mailchimp

Feature parity with up to 10 times cheaper for bulk emails!

If you send a lot of mail, moving from Mailchimp to SendSquared will create some impactful savings. It’s why we’re going to show you a breakdown of what Mailchimp vs SendSquared is for savings and features.

Stop paying more to grow your business. Enjoy unlimited contacts, unlimited campaigns, unlimited automations, unlimited subscribers, and actually -unlimited everything- for one low flat-rate price of $35 a month.

With bulk email campaigns. SendSquared is the performer. But let’s start first with our flat rate pricing. You know exactly what you’re going to spend for the same results. Take a gander at some of these pricing comparables:

< 2,000 Contacts
Send a monthly newsletter to 5,000 contacts
Send 3 campaigns to 20,000 contacts each month
Send a monthly newsletter to 75,000 contacts each month

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Build a better email with SendSquared.

Penny for pound – we outmatch their feature set.

But you can’t just stop at pricing. It’s critical to know we’ve matched their feature set. Furthermore, when you really dig into Mailchimp vs SendSquared you’ll learn that our Smart-Sending technology, likewise our automations, and our layers editor is something they don’t offer at all. So let’s dig in, it’s a long list…

Unlimited Contacts
Unlimited Subscribers
Audience Dashboard
Behavioral Targeting
Behavior-based automation series
Contact Profiles
Predicted Demographics
Customer Lifetime Value
Purchase Likelihood
Lookalike audience finder
Basic Templates
Pre-Built Templates
Content Studio
Landing Pages
Shoppable Landing Pages
Facebook & Instagram Ads
Social Posting
Pop-up Forms
Marketing Calendar
Single-Step Automations
Multi-step Automation Series
Basic Reports
Smart Recommendations
Dynamic Content
Send Time Optimization
Delivery by Time Zone
A/B Testing
Multivariate Testing
Comparative Reporting
Unlimited Seats
Integrations with 200+ Apps

SendSqaured saves you money because we don’t charge for more contacts like mailchimp

We offer simple and straightforward pricing. One flat fee of $35. Never worry about growing your contact base. We’re rooting for you to build your list, and so our flat-rate pricing entices you to keep improving. The more your grow, the better!

We don’t have any paywalls. None of our features require you to “upgrade” if you really dig into how Mailchimp’s Pricing Plans work, you’ll see that they find all kinds of ways to really push the prices up on you even if your not growing your subscriber lists.

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