Creating your first campaign

Get going and send your first campaign.

Follow these steps below to send your first email campaign. If you prefer click here to watch a step by step video.

First go the the navigation menu on the left-hand side and go to campaigns and click “new email campaign.”

Then use the dropdown menu to choose your email template. Click “Next.”

You will now be able to make edits to your email. You can change pictures, text, buttons, etc. You can send yourself a test email before clicking next to sending the campaign.

Once all changes have been made, and you have clicked “Next,” you will add your subject and preview line. When entering in your subject line, below you will see a reference to how good your subject line is. If it is green, it is considered good. If yellow, it might get flagged for spam. Red indicates you might want to rethink your subject line. If you have more than one sending email address, reference the “From” dropdown menu above the subject line and choose the email address you want the campaign to come from. Once you are good with your subject and preview line, click “Next.”

Then go through the groups you want to send the campaign to by checking the box. Once the groups have been selected, click “Next.”

Choose between sending the email campaign now or schedule it for later. *If you send the email campaign right away, it will get queued to send. Once that happens, you can not go in and make changes before people receive it in their inbox. If you are unsure about something, schedule it later so you can cancel the email or make changes.

You will then decide between the standard campaign or the smart send campaign. A standard campaign means that the email will send at your selected date and time, as most email campaigns do. The smart send campaign uses the Send2 AI tool to see the best time to send out the campaign per each contact. That means Sarah could receive it Friday at 2 pm when see usually opens her emails based on open-rate times, and Steve could get it on Wednesday at 9 am when he opens his email. *If the email campaign is time-sensitive, such as a deal that ends soon, schedule the email and use standard campaign to ensure each customer receives the email before the deal is over.

You will then name the campaign and send the campaign. Once the campaign is sent, you will be able to see the stats in campaigns< all campaigns.

You will be able to see every campaign you have sent and how they performed. To get more stats hover over the campaign and click “Reports.” This will lead you to more exact details. For more information on where to find your campaign reports click here.  

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