Setting up Popups

Add behavioral based popups to your site.

There are plenty of different ways to design your website popup. The steps below are going to take you through a commonly used popup. Follow the steps below or click here to watch a step by step video.

First, go to the menu on the left-hand side and under templates click “popup forms.”

Then click “New.”

Under layouts on the right-hand side drag and drop a row into the middle of the popup editor page.

Then under Layout-Content drag and drop button box. Once the button is added, go to properties on the right-hand side and edit the button size to fit the popup you are creating. You can change the button text to whatever you like. Some options are “Sign Up,” “Click Here To Receive Discount,” “Submit.” You can also change the font and size to whatever fits your website brand the best.

Then hover over the current row and add a new row by clicking the ‘+’ button at the top.

Under Layout-Content drag and drop input box. This is where your new subscribers will enter their email address.

Add a new row above the notification row and then go to Layout-Content drag and drop notification. This notification will change depending on if the subscriber is new or has already subscribed to the popup. Feel free to go to properties to change the font, alignment, and size.

Add a new row above the notification and click the text box. This is where you will add your call to action, whether it is a simple “Sign up to receive our special offers” or a discount “Sign up to receive 10% off your next purchase.” Again, go to properties to change the font elements.

Add a new row above the text and click the image box. Drag and drop or click to upload your image. It can be anything from a picture of your store, hotel, logo, etc. Go to properties to change the image size, content color, etc.

Once you have added all your content to the popup form, go to “Popup Settings” in the top right corner. This is where you will change the global setting of the popup.

The Center Width: How big you want your popup to appear.

Group: What group the email address will be added to once submitted. If you want to create a new group for the popup, go to audience< all groups< add new group.

Wait Time: How long before the popup will appear.

Format: Where you want your popup to appear; top, bottom, full screen, or basic.

Strategy: This is when your popup will appear. You can choose upon exit, when the site loads, or on scroll.

Once your settings are in place, name your template and click Save. Exit editor.

After you have created your popup, it is time to integrate it onto your website. Go to your profile setting in the top right-hand corner and click integrations.

Then choose which way you would like to integrate your popup. You can manually enter the raw code, or you can download the Send2 plugin on WordPress and follow the steps to get the popup working by searching for the Send Squared plugin. If you have created more than one popup, use the dropdown menu to select which popup you are integrating.

Once everything has been added and published on your site, the popup will appear on your website based on the global settings you chose in the popup editor.

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