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It all started when CEO and Co-Founder Nicolas Wegener had a simple question - why, in the world of social media, smartphones, and the internet, are companies not able to greet me by name? After spending ten years traveling to over 40 countries and as the COO of LeMond Companies, Nicolas had experienced how the difference of a warm welcome from a front desk agent who simply knew your name could make anywhere feel a bit more like home.


This idea is our guiding light. We’re on a mission to help businesses talk to their customers like they were talking to a friend. But how can software accomplish that? By allowing you to: 

  • Communicate to a customer in a way that feels most comfortable.

  • Include customer service team members in efforts bigger than themselves.

  • Enable guests to focus on enjoying what matters most.


 At SendSquared, we’re a team of travelers, explorers, and, most importantly, exquisite software engineers. We know that the best experiences are those where real connections are made. And when customers feel like they’re talking to a friend, something magical happens: they’re happier, and your business grows.


We build technology to help make those moments possible. Technology should be a helping hand, not a barrier to building relationships. Our communications platform helps businesses treat everyone like they would their closest friends. Together, we’re on a mission to make the world a little more connected, one conversation at a time.

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