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Build better relationships with your guests with SendSquared and RDP

As a hospitality pro, you know the value of creating personal connections with your guests. A real relationship is fundamental for producing lifelong guests who return to your property year after year, tell their friends about it, and write glowing reviews.

And like all relationships, communication is vital.

Your team already provides your guests with impeccable in-person customer service. For example, you might have standard procedures for welcoming each guest at the front desk by name or encourage your team to remember key details about a regular guest's family or work.

But what about their interactions with you online or over the phone?

  • Are your marketing emails customized for each guest based on their preferences?

  • Do you time email and text messages to send just when they're most likely to be seen?

  • When a guest calls to make a reservation, is their entire guest profile instantly available?

At SendSquared, our mission is to help hospitality businesses like yours build lifelong relationships with their guests.

We're doing that by building the industry's most comprehensive communication tool that enables you to connect with your guests authentically before, during, and after their stay.

SendSquared allows you to reach out to current and potential guests throughout the customer journey by using the data you already have in your RDP system. We will help you connect with guests before their stay, during their stay, and after by email, text messaging, and phone in a way that builds meaningful relationships.

Our close partnership with RDP means that SendSquared is purpose-built to work seamlessly with your RDP system. As a result, data is always in sync and secure. You enable your team to deliver the same customer experience in the digital world they provide every day at your property.

You might ask is - does this matter to me? We typically see properties fall into one of two categories:

  • I'm already sending marketing emails and confirmations.


  • Isn't email dead? We focus on social media rather than email and text messaging.

To the first group - excellent, you're already on the right track, but you can do even better.

Email is the most cost-effective way to reach your guests, lessen your dependency on OTAs, and increase direct bookings.

What if we told you we could drastically improve business results, save your team time, and improve customer satisfaction?

Using a dedicated hospitality system like SendSquared can make all the difference versus using a mass-market provider like Mailchimp or Constant Contact.

SendSquared connects to your RDP system. It automatically syncs customer data so you can say goodbye to exporting lists between systems. In addition, it allows you to create campaigns and segments based on your reservation history. For example, if you have one suite left for the weekend and it's Thursday afternoon, SendSquared allows you to send an email or text message to the guests arriving the next day, offering them an upgrade. You could even segment the list to returning guests and reward them for their loyalty.

This is marketing powered by your unique data that is not possible with mass-market systems. It's targeted, effective, and highly automated.

Now, for the second group - email is still alive!

Far from it. Millennial consumers prefer email and text messaging over social media, and email alone has a three times higher conversion rate than social media. While text messaging returns an astounding 27x return on investment on average.

Not to say that you can spam your way to success - both tools require a plan to be used effectively.

Guest want to be spoken with, not advertised at. Social media today requires you to pay to reach most of the followers on your page. Just because a guest follows you on social media does not mean they will get your messages. By contrast - if a guest signs up for your email or text messages, they will always receive your messages.

SendSquared and RDP work together to enable you to build genuine relationships with your guests. Our goal is to help you create lifelong relationships that turn a one-time OTA guest into an annual visitor who returns to your property where they're treated like family.

Sounds great. How does it work?

SendSquared uses the guest history and reservation information inside your RDP database and our customer journey mapping to enable better communication with guests from before booking and throughout their stay.

After signing up with SendSquared, our white-glove implementation makes getting up and running simple. You just have to figure out how to handle all the extra guests.

The Setup Process:

  • If you're like most RDP users and already use an online booking engine, you are ready for SendSquared.

  • Next, the SendSquared and RDP teams will install the SendSquared connector allowing your RDP system to talk with SendSquared.

  • Once the systems are connected, we will do an initial sync. Depending on how many reservations you have in your RDP database, it can take several hours to a few days.

  • Now that your data is synced, you're ready to go! Your dedicated SendSquared account manager will set up live training sessions and help you configure your SendSquared account and initial campaigns.

  • If you ever run into issues or have a question, our US-based support team is here to help with live phone support.

Ready to learn more?

Click here to schedule time with an expert to learn how SendSquared and RDP can help you build stronger relationships with your guests.

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