• Nicole Finnegan

Build continued, trusted, and loyal guest relationships.

One thing is for sure hospitality is best when it is people-focused. Knowing your guest's name, what they are interested in, and have they stayed with you before are just a few essential details to know before your guest has even stayed with you. It is common for resorts, vacation rentals, or hotels to use multiple systems to gather information. You use a PMS system to track stays, a marketing list for your target audience, and guest wifi logins. However, none of these systems work together, and it takes time and energy to cross-reference every platform manually.

Stop exporting and importing your leads, marketing lists, and reservation data just to engage with your guests. Sync it to one spot and start creating segments that help your business grow. By syncing your PMS platform, website forms, marketing lists, leads, and wifi logins to one dashboard, you are creating less work for yourself and following the customer through their journey.

Start with marketing emails from SendSquared. Have last-minute openings? Segment your lists by area code and send guests within driving distance a coupon for that weekend. A guest books their stay with the promo code for that weekend; now, you can start sending automated transactional emails such as confirmation, pre-arrival, and post-stay review and not lose track of the contact information. During the stay, allow the guest to opt-in to text messaging. If they need anything, you are only a text message away. After the guest leaves, they are still on their journey. Let them know their booking anniversary is coming up and that you would love to see them again. If they are a multiple repeat guest, start a loyalty program.

The customer journey does not start and end during their stay with you. It is an extended process that needs nurturing. During this communication thread, never lose your guest's information. In SendSquared, your guests will have their own contact profile page. You will be able to see how many times they have stayed with you in the past, how much revenue they have brought, how engaged they have been with your communication, what interests have been expressed, and much more. When all your information is in one spot, you can create contact lists that want to be contacted and leads that are valuable. Stop trying to get any and all customers, and start getting to know them.

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