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  • Nicolas Wegener

How SendSquared Can Help Your Vacation Rental Thrive in the Face of Apple's Mail Privacy Policy

Apple's Mail Privacy Policy (MPP) is a new feature that aims to protect users' privacy by preventing third-party trackers from collecting data on email opens. While this is good news for users, it could have significant implications for email marketers and automation systems that rely on open triggers. According to Litmus, a significant percentage of email users (up to 50% depending on the region) will be affected by the MPP. This means that marketers will need to adapt their strategies and move towards revenue-based reporting for email campaigns.

One major impact of the MPP is on email marketing open reporting. With third-party trackers blocked, marketers will no longer be able to accurately track the number of email opens. This could make it more difficult to gauge the effectiveness of email campaigns and optimize them for better results.

Another impact is on email automations that are based on open triggers. For example, if an email automation is set up to send a follow-up email to users who have opened a previous email, this automation may not work for users who have the MPP enabled. This could disrupt the flow of automated emails and potentially lead to a less seamless customer experience.

To address these issues, marketers will need to shift their focus from open-based metrics to revenue-based metrics. Instead of relying on open rates to gauge the success of an email campaign, marketers can track the revenue generated by the campaign. This can provide a more accurate picture of the campaign's performance and help marketers make better decisions about future campaigns.

Fortunately, SendSquared offers a unique integration with Property Management Systems that allows marketers to accurately track revenue associated with campaigns and automations. With this integration, marketers can see how their campaigns and automations are contributing to the bottom line, giving them a clearer picture of their overall performance.

Apple's Mail Privacy Policy is a welcome development for users, but it could present challenges for email marketers and automation systems. By shifting their focus to revenue-based metrics and using tools like SendSquared's integration with Property Management Systems, marketers can continue to effectively track the performance of their campaigns and automations.

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