• Nicole Finnegan

Importing & Validating Contacts

Go to Global Settings under the profile icon in the upper right corner to import contacts. At the bottom of the page, select import.

From there, select whether you want to create a new group or add to an already existing group.

Then you will click next and upload your CSV file (comma-separated values file) and select the fields per the respective rows. Make sure that the sample data provided matches with the suggested rows. If they do not, you can select other options in the mapped field data dropdown.

During the review process, you have the option to select ‘Add duplicate contact to groups’ and ‘Add duplicate contacts to Tags.’ SendSquared automatically dedupes; however, if you want to make sure contacts are featured in a group for sending, later on, toggle on the ‘Add duplicate contacts to Groups.’ This will allow the contact to be in multiple groups. The same goes for tags. Once complete select import list.

Once the import process starts, you will be able to check on the import status under Global settings import status. You will see if it is still being queued or if it is finished. Once finished, use the drop-down arrow to check for any errors, duplicates, etc.

*Note that if you select ‘Add duplicate contact to Groups,’ it will show as a duplicate and not added. This means it will not add to the database; however, it will be added to the group.

Once finished, you can see the group under audience, groups.

SendSquared also validates every email added to the system. To view verification status, go to Global Settings, Contact Verification Status. You will then be able to see how many are verified versus unverified. We let you view your unverified to make sure that any email addresses entered in wrong can be updated/fixed.

*Note if your percent of contacts verified is not at 100%, it means that it is still validating new contacts that have been added. Wait until verification is done to schedule any emails to ensure those contacts are included.

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