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Maximizing Amenities and Offers at Your Vacation Rental with SMS Automation

Using Automation with SMS for vacation rental managers can greatly improve the guest experience and streamline the process for both the manager and the guest. Here are four ways that automation can help with pre-arrival and informing guests of amenities:

  1. Automatic confirmation texts: With automation, vacation rental managers can set up automatic confirmation texts to be sent to guests after they make a reservation. This can include information about the property, check-in instructions, and any necessary disclaimers or policies. This saves time for the manager and ensures that the guest has all the information they need before arriving at the property.

  2. Pre-arrival reminders: Automation can also be used to send pre-arrival reminders to guests a few days before they are set to arrive. These reminders can include information about the property's amenities, as well as any local attractions or activities that might be of interest to the guest. This helps guests feel more prepared and informed about their vacation rental experience.

  3. Automatic check-in instructions: Another way that automation can be helpful is by sending automatic check-in instructions to guests on the day of their arrival. This can include information about how to access the property, where to find the keys, and any other necessary details. This helps to streamline the check-in process and ensures that guests have a smooth and stress-free arrival.

  4. Day-of SMS updates: In addition to the above, vacation rental managers can also use automation to send day-of SMS updates to guests. These updates can include details about amenities or offers, such as a kids club or discounts at a nearby restaurant. This helps to ensure that guests are aware of all the available options and can make the most of their vacation rental experience.

SendSquared's integrated Automation and SMS Marketing platform make it a superior tool for vacation rental managers. With SendSquared, managers can easily set up and manage automated SMS campaigns, as well as create and send personalized marketing messages to their guests. This allows them to efficiently communicate with their guests and provide them with a top-notch vacation rental experience. The platform's automation capabilities and SMS marketing functionality make it a valuable tool for vacation rental managers looking to streamline their communication with guests and provide a seamless experience.

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