• Tina Gibson

Product Update - April 14, 2022

New Features

  • Real time notifications created for new voicemails, sms messages & inbox emails that are received in the platform. This will be visible only if the user is logged in as an agent

  • Custom fields can now be created and mapped related to unit amenity details or extra fields received from the PM connections. These fields can also be used as token fields in email automations when sending transactional emails

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed error processing SMS messages, and disabled the ability to manually opt in guests from the contact profile to receive sms messages. Ability to opt-in and opt -out must be done by the customer sending texts to opt in and out

  • Reservation arrival and departure dates are now displaying correctly using UTC dates on the lead so the arrival and departure dates are accurate

  • Leads are now displaying correctly on the list in contact profile

  • Fixed issue with RoomKey PM connection so dates are now pulling correctly into the platform

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