• Tina Gibson

Product Update - April 5, 2022


  1. Automated Emails can now be triggered off leads and conditions associated with them such as lead status, estimated value and lost reasons.

  2. Not Booked leads now can have lost reasons associated with them. This allows for additional tracking and for retargeting for Marketing & Sales.

  3. Fixed caching issue with voicemails not displaying the correct url link associated with it.

  4. Fixed connection issue with adding third parties to call legs.

  5. Fixed issue with fields missing from PMS reservation syncs

  6. User application configuration can now be set by the company globally allowing for limited customizations of what features can be accessed in the platform *SendSquared will need to assist in configuring these*

  7. Viewing a contact on the lead form, display from phone number on queue dashboard & display from number on call disposition screen are currently options to be configured using the new application configuration.

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