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  • Tina Gibson

Product Update - March 15, 2022

New Features:

  1. View and mark emails as read or unread in the inbox dashboard.

  2. Assign emails

in to a specific user and filter the emails in the inbox by assignee

  1. Updates to the automations and template token replacement from the PMS integrations. Added formatting helper functions in the templates to display fields correctly such as: currency, dates and calculations of balance due.

  2. Ability to configure call queue routing to failover to additional destinations other than voicemail.

  3. Call result filter added to call log.

  4. Ability to customize and configure sync duration for PMS integrations for more fine grain control of reservation updates and automation timing.


  1. Lead source is auto populating correctly on the lead form associated with the phone number.

  2. Templates are now loading up to 1000.

  3. Duplicating templates functionality updated and working.

  4. Viewing reservation data and lifetime spend on the contact profile is syncing correctly.

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