• Tina Gibson

Product Update - March 1st, 2022

Email Inbox

  • Manage all your inbound emails in a consolidated inbox in the platform. These can be entire company emails or general company emails. This will allow all users to manage incoming emails by corresponding via an outbound email and connecting them directly to the contact. Note: This will need to be configured to get the email to flow into the platform. Please contact our support team to assist you with setup.


  1. Additional token fields from the PMS integrations and leads were added to the email automations and triggers to allow more robust transactional emails.

  2. Automation editors were enhanced so you can modify gallery automations accurately.


  1. Main dashboard has been updated with additional metrics such as email growth chart and active automations along with additional reports.


  1. You can now load an email template for a single outbound email message from the inbox and the contact profile.

  2. Token enhancements in relation to contacts, reservations and leads with more to come.

  3. Email preview for inbound and outbound messages updated so you can now see the first 1000 characters of an email.

General Updates

  1. Contacts are correctly updating when editing and saving

  2. The Show Password option has been restored to show characters when typing if desired.

  3. Configuration updates now reload automatically without you having to log out and back in.

  4. New PMS Integrations - LMPM, RNS

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