• Tina Gibson

Product Update - March 23rd, 2022

Inbox Updates

Additional features have been released for the new Email Inbox so agents can now correspond directly with a guest or potential guest all in one consolidated location.

  • Visual updates to distinguish new vs.read messages when viewing the email inbox.

  • Emails can be assigned to specific users and filter by assignee.

  • Leads can be created directly from an email in the inbox.

  • Template types created to associate what email templates you want usable to select when sending replies.

  • Ability to have auto reply templates pre-populate the response body with full token replacement.


  1. Visual updates to Voice call recording button to flip correctly when a call is paused manually.

  2. Lead Dashboard has additional filters for lead status & follow up date.

  3. Voicemail view displays unlistened & queue voicemails by default.

  4. More updates to the automations and template token replacement from the PMS integrations, leads & contacts

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