• Tina Gibson

Product Update - March 29, 2022


  1. Inbox emails can be marked as completed and also a filter has been added to distinguish these. Emails can be marked as read/unread per user.

  2. Emails can be assigned out to users. This feature has been placed behind a user permission to limit who can assign out emails. Also a filter is available for assigned and unassigned messages.

  3. Inbox email preview size has been adjusted to be smaller so the email is rendering accurately.

  4. Email replies have been adjusted so the inbound message is parsing correctly in the body even if the html is not valid.

  5. Correctly mark outbound emails sent as templates and automations.

  6. Time zones added to call plans hours of operation so they can now be set directly from configuration and customized per company. This will automatically adjust for daylight savings and allows for multiple properties in different time zones to have unique call plans.

  7. Call plans now have the option to route to a direct dial number bypassing any menu or queue.

  8. Call duration is recorded for each segment and call now in the call date for better visibility of the call minutes. More advanced reporting will come from these new data points.

  9. Custom fields functionality is available to map fields from PMS integrations. This will give the end user ability to add additional fields from their PMS to be used in email automations & triggers.

  10. Calls from blocked numbers will not long stall in the queue and will be cleaned up correctly.

  11. Additional email automation time based conditions have been created to segment time frame a guest has stayed allowing for better retargeting for past guests.

  12. Campaign Reporting - Multiple updates and enhancements to campaign reporting to include additional analytics such as: errors, bounces & unsubscribes.

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