Product Update - May 18, 2022


  1. Ability to assign and transfer voicemails to other agents now has permissions behind it so that it can be controlled from the user level
  2. Agent logout of the system will now automatically log them out of the agent dashboard
  3. Phone numbers are now configurable to be shown as caller ID to select when making outbound calls in the platform
  4. Updated the ring time for an outbound call so it has time to hit the external receiving carriers voicemail 
  5. Configurable agent dial destinations so that there are multi-select options per agent of where a call can be routed to
  6. Prioritize agents in queues to determine order of who will get calls based on rankings
  7. Direct dial phone numbers can now be used in auto attendant menus and queue failovers options
  8. Contacts now have the option of being changed to a company type from the guest profile directly
  9. Queue names are now visible in the call status dashboard vs. the queue number id
  10. Outbound calls can now be placed on hold and on mute
  11. Allowing deleting of messages from the inbox so to not clutter up old messages & voicemails that have been handled
  12. Fixed issue where calls are ringing for a shorter amount of time routing to the next available agent quicker
  13. Fixed issue of notes not populating in certain instances in contacts and companies

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