• Tina Gibson

Product Update - May 25, 2022

  1. Custom fields added to associate to WiFi endpoints so additional information can be gathered upon guest WiFi signup

  2. Subject and Preview lines were adjusted in the email template settings so that they remain static while editing the template without having to exit and go back in

  3. Monitoring and error checks put in place to determine tokens that are formatted incorrectly in email templates when trying to send

  4. Softphone updated to handle outbound calls effectively and update agent status

  5. RDP PM integration has been configured with additional tokens to be used in email templates and now have ability to create custom fields from data points brought over from the connection

  6. Contact Profiles can now be locked to restrict editing of contact fields. This will force users to change the contact while they are on a call if they want the profile to be unchanged. Examples of where this could be used could be: internal transfers, email forwarding, travel agents or any contact that you don’t want associated with a call/booking

  7. When selecting a hex color in the email editor, it will now show visibly when chosen in the color wheel and will save what is correctly being used for future reference

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