• Tina Gibson

Product Updates - July 2022

  1. Lead Subject requirement is configurable based on lead status*

  2. Audio music for hold and transfer of calls is now configurable*

  3. Notification and icon for new voicemail or if a user is assigned to a voicemail*

  4. Notification and icon for any lead that has a follow-up one day old or more

  5. Lead follow-up date now has the option of being required in the lead form*

  6. Enhancements to email editor to include - button spacing, number and bullet point fonts & hex color configurations

  7. The call log dashboard reflects total calls

  8. Date filter format have been addressed in the event logs

  9. Fixed issue where trailing spaces were being included when importing contacts

  10. Barefoot connection updated to allow for more frequent syncing of data flowing in

  11. Forwarding option added to phone numbers so they can individually be forwarded to another number outside of the platform

  12. Email trigger created for texting when someone opts in or opts out of messages

  13. Fixed issue where change values related to contacts were not firing email triggers correctly

  14. Mended issue naming and saving email template upon creation

  15. Addressed issue with time zones handling data synchronization correctly with arrival and departure dates

  16. Filter added to voicemail dashboard to view completed or not completed

*Please reach out to support@sendsquared.com to request to have these items configured.

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