Product Updates - June 2022

  1. Dialpad adjusted to be able to press extensions when placing outbound calls
  2. Enhancements to SMS Texting when sending messages from a template 
  3. Added Call Lead Source to Call Log view
  4. Softphone updated to handle outbound calls effectively and update agent status 
  5. When transferring the calls to a direct destination, caller ID will now display on the receiver's end, so they are able to see the external person calling
  6. Fixed the issue where tags could not be imported with contacts
  7. Updated flow of call dispositions when trying to wrap up a completed call
  8. Email automation conditions created for lead status
  9. Email automation conditions created for Future Reservations and the ability to include/exclude
  10. Email automation condition created for last opened email for segments
  11. Outbound calls can now be configured to be recorded on internal direct-dial phone numbers
  12. Configurable option to record outbound calls that are made out of the platform*
  13. Additional fields made available from Barefoot PM integration, including Tenant ID, room revenue & tax breakdown
  14. Character limit countdown is now available for the SMS template sends
  15. Event Logs are now available in the software to monitor PM connections, Agent log events & Automation events
  16. Automation Reporting is now available based on live Automation emails

Release 6/21

  1. Updated date filters in the call log. Call Log can be filtered down by one date and it reflects all the calls
  2. Active calls in the queue dashboard now show the incoming caller's phone number and name when a call is holding
  3. Call recordings are available to access in the call log within the Guest profile
  4. Call recordings can be configured to automatically start recording again once they are paused.  instead of having to manually manage. This is configurable to set the time you want the call to start recording again*
  5. Agent desktop notification alerts can be configured with custom timing when sitting in a status for too long*
  6. The call log now has the option to check off guests called back that were missed and set to complete
  7. Contact groups have new columns to break out number of contacts in each group related to view relations such as subscribes, sendable & opt in
  8. Select FROM email address when sending a test email
  9. Segment builder are no longer showing deleted conditions
  10. Agent statuses are now configurable to add additional custom statuses*
  11. Contact list can now be filtered by group and segments
  12. Campaign sends in the past can now be used as condition filters when creating contact segments

*Please reach out to to request to have these items configured.

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