July 23, 2021

The Importance of Email Verification

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Email Verifier

Email is one of the most influential and preferred communication channels, with most people checking their emails daily. Which means there are plenty of different ways for people to give you their email address, such as signing up online through a popup or writing it on a piece of paper at a trade show. During these processes, 60% of customers intentionally provide incorrect data when submitting their details, which is why it is crucial to verify all of your email addresses. When you confirm email addresses, your email marketing becomes more effective. It helps with fraud prevention, improving, and protecting your sender reputation. 

Reasons To Verify Your Email Lists

Eliminate Hard Bounces

When an email bounces, it means it can't be delivered to an inbox. A hard bounce is an email that was rejected outright and couldn't be delivered for permanent reasons. Hard bounces occur because the email address no longer exists; it was a fictitious email address or was canceled by the user.

Reduces Spam Complaints

You want to make sure your emails are going to trusted people that want to hear from you. You want to follow best practices, so your email doesn't end up in the spam/junk folder, but you also want to make sure your email doesn't get spam complaints. The more spam complaints you get, the more it hurts your email reputation. 


The more hard bounces and spam complaints you get, the more your email score drops, ultimately getting your email blacklisted. Getting blacklisted stops your emails (including vital transactional messages) from getting accepted by the server.

How To Keep Your Email Data Clean

Data Quality 

Clean your email address lists regularly by using an email validation tool. This tool will identify old or incorrect email addresses and remove them before sending out your next campaign. With SendSquared email address verification, your email addresses will automatically be verified when you create an account and when new emails get entered into your lists. This will prevent typos and fake accounts from creating unwanted hard bounces.

Review Your Database

Make sure to review and segment unengaged subscribers regularly. Uninterested customers who have not opened any emails in the past few months should be segmented into a separate group. When sending your next campaign, remove them from your send list to reduce the risk or spam complaints and hard bounces. You can always re-engage with this audience later with a 'haven't heard from you in a while' email or a special deal email to get them to re-engage. 

Real emails result in real customers. The use of email validation is the most effective way to ensure the quality of data to help improve and protect your sender reputation. When setting up your email marketing plan, always choose email quality over email quantity. 

To get started on validating your email database, go to SendSquared and verify as many emails as you want for free, all with creating an account.

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