July 23, 2021

Types of Marketing Email

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Most people think of email marketing as promotional ads/emails. However, there are plenty of email templates out there and different ways to use them. Marketing emails should inform not only your subscribers of deals but also foster customer loyalty and brand awareness.

welcome email

The welcome email helps grow your customer relationship from the beginning with each subscriber that joins your email list. This type of email is a great way to show the subscriber your appreciation for signing up. Most subscribers expect a welcome email or some sort of clarification when they sign up. This helps subscribers feel confident that they gave their email address to a reliable source. It is essential with your welcome email that you don’t bombard the subscriber right away. A few options for a welcome email are to either outline what sort of emails they can expect in the future with a call to action to your website or offering something of value to them, such as a signup incentive. Whichever way you decide to format your welcome email, remember that you are starting your customer relationship with this first email.

email newsletter

Newsletters are versatile based on each brand. Each company does them differently, but the most important thing to remember is that an email newsletter’s primary focus is to inform your readers and not sell. That doesn’t mean you can’t mention a promotion. It just shouldn’t be your primary focus of an email newsletter. Pack your email with information your readers will enjoy from what’s going on in town, updates to the business, etc. Make sure your email is organized and represents your brand. The easier it is for your reader to find what they are looking for, the more likely they will click through to your website or social media.

nurturing email

The goal with a lead nurturing email is to continue to build your relationship with each subscriber. Let’s say you have segmented your subscribers into most engaged, slightly engaged, not engaged. With the most engaged subscribers, you might keep sending them newsletters and not as many promotional emails. With the not engaged, you might send them more promotional emails to get them engaged and convert. Depending on where your subscriber’s lifecycle is at, that is how you will nurture them. Don’t treat every subscriber the same. Some have subscribed to stay up to date with your business, and some might have subscribed for that welcome email deal. However, they are still subscribed, and you need to nurture them. The options for nurturing emails are endless; you need to remember it is always about your customer relationship.

Welcome, newsletter and nurturing emails are the most popular email marketing templates. However, you can design any email template to represent your brand and messages. Create your email template today and see how easy email marketing can be with SendSquared.

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