July 23, 2021

Unleash Your Brand With Digital Marketing

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Creating a strong digital brand is essential in today’s world. It tells a story, whether written or visual, about who you are and what your customers can expect. Digital Marketing is a valuable asset with a consistent presence across all platforms that can increase revenue. You have to assume your digital brand to be the first contact potential customers have with your business.

position yourself

To position yourself correctly, you need to think about what you want your brand to convey. If you need some help with how to position yourself, think about what someone would want from you, and what impact your brand/products have on the customers using it. Then consider your target audience, are they older or younger? Is your brand more focused on female, male, or both? Once you know your target audience, you can position your brand and start to build a collection of brand content such as words and images that work with your business and audience.  

find your voice

Finding your voice is about discovering what is right for you. Your brand voice will be consistent across all digital platforms and even cross over to in-person meetings. You want your voice to feel authentic. A consistent voice will make your brand feel more relatable to your customers by giving them a sense of self. When creating your tone, think about how you want to be perceived. Do you want to be funny or serious? Don’t worry about getting too specific early on, because your voice will expand and evolve over time.

create your style

As stated above, the first contact your customers could have is through your digital content. Your choice of fonts, colors, and other elements should represent your brand in a fresh and clean way. Based on your positioning, you should know how you want your brand to feel, and based on your target audience; you will know what designs appeal to them. That will let you know if you lean more modern or traditional. Note that you can have different styles for different segments. People have their own feeling on colors and typefaces, so don’t be afraid to create different styles for different groups. Your customer should open your emails or see your post on their social pages and know right away that it is you.

put together you guide

Now that you have your style, it is time to put it together in a guide. A style guide can help you get organized and let others know how to represent the brand. A style guide will include what fonts you want to use, how images should appear, what colors should be featured, and much more. Make sure to include all logos as well and which logo goes with what content. Create templates for digital marketing, such as email marketing, social posts, and more. Having the templates created will help you add your content and send it out quickly, knowing it represents everything you want your brand to look like. If you are overwhelmed by creating a style guide, start with creating an email template. Look at what colors you chose, what images you featured, and recreate that for your other digital marketing efforts.

Remember that everything you create must work together across multiple platforms and on various devices. Everything doesn’t need to feel like a copy of the other, but it should represent your brand in the same way. A consistent digital brand with secure copy, design, and positioning can help you grow your audience and revenue.

Email marketing is a crucial part of your digital marketing strategies. It is one of the best ways to get content to your customers quickly and consistently. Many people forget that emails can have a design style and still get their message across. Including your logo, fonts, colors, and voice are essential for better engagement with your emails. Once your email template is put together, you can use the content to include on your social sites, ads, and much more. Start telling your story with your branded emails with SendSquared.

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