July 23, 2021

Ways to Grow Your Email List

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Creating a new email list is one of the steps to increasing your digital marketing efforts. Just as cleaning and segmenting your previous email lists are essential, making sure you are collecting new emails is just as important.

social media

Using social media to engage and collect new customers is essential. You can schedule posts, upload photos/videos, link to your website, and so much more. Create a post that asks customers to sign up whether you are offering a giveaway or deal or merely saying, “if you want more information, click the link in our bio and sign up!” Posting engages not only your current followers, but if they share, comment, or post, it can reach so many more potential customers. Pro tip: create a hashtag for your brand to make it easy for people to find and share your business.


Videos are becoming increasingly popular not only in email marketing but all of digital marketing. They offer great information without asking for a ton of engagement from your audience. The more engaging content you present, the more likely people will subscribe to either your channel, TikTok account, or website. Whether you are creating how-to videos, free workout videos, or funny videos, people are more willing to watch than to read an article. It also brings a face to your brand. Don’t forget to ask for a share, like, and subscribe at the end of your video.


Design a contest, sweepstake, or giveaway to produce higher engagement rates and conversion rates. People are more likely to subscribe when an offer is presented. Be sure to offer it to your current email lists, so they don’t feel left out. The easiest way to start a contest/giveaway is to create a landing page on your website with a form your customers can fill out. Don’t forget to utilize social media to promote and encourage signups and referrals.


A referral program is an excellent way to get new emails by utilizing your current email list. People are more likely to purchase a new product or sign up for a deal if family or friends recommended it. Offer more incentive to get better engagement, such as a reward or sale if they refer or share with at least three people.


The last, and probably the most straightforward way to ask for new email subscribers is a pop-up. Whether it appears after someone visits your website, when they go to a specific page, or if they are leaving the site, it is a great tool to ask for more information. With a pop-up, it is a simple create, set, and let it do the work. Your job comes in after when you are nurturing your now current email lists. When it comes to pop-ups, there are a few best practices. You can use cookies to track visitors, for example, if they are new or returning, so you don’t continue showing the pop-up for people who have already signed up or chose not to. You can also offer a deal on your pop-up. An example is “Signup to receive 10% off your next order”. Then create a drip campaign that will automatically send them that email when they enter their email address.

The critical thing to remember when growing your email list is reaching as many people as possible. Expand your current demographic and ask for referrals, create videos to increase interest, and don’t be afraid to use social media. Also, make sure you have a great platform not only to collect your customer’s information but one that can also help you nurture your contact lists. SendSquared not only offers an easy to use email editor but you can create your website pop-up and drip campaign all under one roof. No need to use multiple systems to get your message across with digital marketing. Try it today for free!

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