July 23, 2021

What To Send After Your Business Reopens

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COVID-19 has brought many twists and turns to the year 2020, from a complete shutdown to slowly reopening to another spike and more holds. Moving forward, it is hard to know what exactly will happen. However, it is essential to let your audience know what you are going through and the next steps. So what do you send once you reopen your business? 

Many businesses will be in recovery mode and will be sending out emails to reconnect with their customers. Don’t send the same email as everyone else. Think about the tone you want to lead with, your narrative, and ways you might want to change your message in the future. Below are some email examples you can use to stand out after businesses reopen. 


A lot of companies will steer their emails to sales right out of the gate. While everyone is figuring out their new normal, it is important for you to focus on your audience. Create an email with compassion, which shows you are socially aware. Rather than focusing on how you will go forward as a business, build up your sense of community. Show that you care about your consumers and that they can depend on you. This personal touch will have meaning to your readers and stand out in a sea of emails pushing sales. 

Find A Need

After COVID-19, life is going to look different, and that could last a while. Set yourself apart by doing something nobody else is. Offer unique alternatives to challenges. Find the need your audience has and fill it. While that might seem hard to do, it could even be the smallest thing, such as writing a personal letter. Maybe in all your emails, you say, “If you need someone to talk to, we are here. Contact us at this email address, and we will lend a listening ear”. Your need doesn’t just have to be about offers. Figure out ways to be useful beyond your usual services and email that narrative.

Keep Momentum

Plans can change from day to day during a global pandemic. Your email marketing plan will have to include different options for the future, even after COVID-19. Sending a message to your customers acknowledging plans have changed, but you have a plan b will assure them that there is nothing to worry about with these uncertain times and that you are still there. Adaptability is vital in your business after COVID-19, especially with your email marketing. Don’t be afraid to share your new strategy with your audience or to get their input. As stated above, ask them what they need and check-in. Once you find the need, fill it. Assure your audience that you are looking ahead and that you have plans. Keep sending emails, even if it is to share that you are working on a new strategy.

Email communication will be vital to the recovery of your business after the pandemic subsides. It is essential to keep your subscribers up to date and take them along the journey of your new plans after the changes that COVID-19 has brought. Unfortunately, with inboxes being filled with COVID-19 messages, it will be a challenge to be heard. So, make sure you send an email that puts your reader’s needs before your own, offers a unique service to fill a need, and looks to the future.

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