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Guest Experience Management Platform


SendSquared empowers operators of vacation rental properties and resorts to distinguish their offerings and turn guests into brand advocates through outstanding personalized service and modern targeted communications that drive revenue.

Unified Guest Record

Our CRM keeps all your information in one place to save you time and provide better service. See your guest's communications from calls, texts, emails, interests, and so much more. With this information, you are able to ensure personalized communications to help you optimize selling opportunities.

PMS Integration

Directly integrate with your Property Management System, giving you complete data to power your transactional and marketing emails. See past and future reservations to recognize the customer's journey so you can determine their needs and wants. Set automated emails during the guest stay or segment lists to market to past guests within one system.


With SendSquared, you can reach your guests with beautiful, personal emails guaranteed to land in their inboxes at the optimal time. Our Canva integration will help you easily build emails to impress your guests, and our automation and segment builder will ensure that the right guests get the right message.


Reach your guests at the most appropriate times during their stay with text messaging. Send reservation reminders, promotions, on-property alerts, etc., with automations, campaigns, and one-on-one messaging. Once your guests are opted-in, connect them with your reservations, marketing, front desk, concierge team, or whomever they wish to speak to.

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Keep all your information in a unified guest record, from phone calls to marketing communications. When you integrate voice, you can guarantee that all communications stay in one spot so you can follow the guest's journey all the way through. Mark lead follow-ups, reference call recordings and voicemails, smart route calls, and more. With voice, you are using SendSquared to its full capability with guest communication.


Collect your guest information when they get on the property so you can better serve them. Set up endpoints to determine when and where they are based on signup. When wifi is implemented, you can utilize tags, interest, automations, and segments to send out your messages. 


Segmenting gives you the opportunity to deliver the proper communication to the right people. You can segment with more detail when all your information is in one spot. Segment based on geographic, demographic, psychographic, and behavioral. 

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Set up automated messages so you can save time and ensure your guests get the information they need. Create marketing automations, transactional automations, lead automations, and more. The more organized you are, the more you can utilize automated messaging.

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Website Integration

Stop importing and exporting your lists. Sync your website forms and set up a drip email automation. Integrating your website forms saves time and energy, and everything can stay in the unified guest record. 


Customer Support

With SendSquared, you have a team behind you that want you to succeed. Based on your plan and needs, you will have access to a support team, training videos, calls with your customer success representative, and more!

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