What our customers are saying about SendSquared

See how SendSquared is helping these Vacation Rental Managers and Resorts build guest relationships by delivering personalized communication at scale.

Property Type: Vacation Rental

Property Size: 100- 150 Properties

Website: Atlanticrealty-nc.com

Location: Kitty Hawk, NC

Integrations: Barefoot Technologies

Features Used: Voice, Email, SMS, CRM

Atlantic Realty

"We have been able to realize significant savings by eliminating several other costly programs"

SendSquared's ability to combine voice, email,  and inbox communication elements have made Atlantic Realty more efficient and better able to serve their Owner and Guest clients.  Whichever agent or staff member takes a call, they have the complete picture of the guest's journey and communicate as needed all in one program.


Collins Vacation Rentals

"A simple, effective dashboard that allows me to make smart decisions"

SendSquared's direct partnership with Barefoot enables Collins agents to access reservation and marketing data directly inside SendSquared Voice. In addition, the Barefoot integration allows beautifully created transactional emails. These automations can be sent based on the reservation type, amenities, check-in time, and so much more.

Property Type: Vacation Rental

Property Size: 200+ Properties

Website: Collinsvacationrentals.com

Location: St. George Island, FL

Integrations: Barefoot Technologies

Features Used: Voice, Email, CRM, Automations


Property Type: Vacation Rental

Property Size: 10+ Properties

Website: Boltfarmtreehouse.com

Location: Chattanooga, TN

Integrations: Barefoot Technologies

Features Used: Email, SMS, CRM

Bolt Farm Treehouse

"SendSquared is a critical part of our email and text marketing."

Being one of SendSquared's first users, adopting the platform in the fall of 2019, Bolt Farm Treehouse has seen the system grow from an email marketing system to a unified guest experience management platform. Primarily using SendSquared, in the beginning,  for email marketing campaigns, they are now utilizing SMS and automations to help their business grow and create personalized, brand-specific communications.