Hospitality CRM

Understand and grow your guest relationships

Built specifically for the hospitality industry, our CRM will help you get the most out of each guest interaction. Robust tracking and reporting help you understand your guests and determine what they love the most.
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Guest profiles

Deliver personalized messages at scale

SendSquared will integrate with any of your existing systems that collect guest data. From total lifetime value to customer service notes, you’ll be able to see every piece of info associated with each individual guest all at once. The task of coordinating all the platforms you need to run your business just got simple.

Keep your guests coming back.

Loyalty programs keep your guests coming back for more. Our CRM lets you easily build loyalty programs based on what your guests love the most.

Revenue Based Reports To Guide Your Business.

Robust reporting capabilities will map out which of your marketing efforts are working and which are not. With all your data in one place, your reports will include everything you need to know without leaving any crucial pieces of data out.

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