Guest WiFi

Use your WiFi to build your email list

Capture 95% of your guests email addresses with SendSquared's Guest WiFI

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Easily remarket to guests during their stay

SendSquared connects with your existing WiFi system to improve your guest engagement. When your guests log in to your WiFi, you capture your guest email. Access is straight forward, and simple. Easily add room number to further secure your system, should you desire. Alternatively, different Access Points (APs) can require different parameters as well!

Promote using Link-Tree

Use SendSquared's WiFi Link-Tree to provide a simple and elegant interface to promote other onsite facilities. Mobile first designs, and a simple, easy-to-showcase design allows for easy access to the rest of your facility. ADA compliant, ensures all can use.

Create tags automatically

Automatically tag guests interest as they use your WiFi portal. Perfect for co-aligning marketing content to match the guests diesers.

Help your guests stay connected

WiFi is the most common complaint cited in negative reviews. Good WiFi and a good user experience are essential to guests' overall satisfaction with their stay. The experts at SendSquared and Ubiquiti can help design a system that works for you and your guests.

simple to get started

Our Guest WiFi integration takes only minutes to setup and pays dividends with every guest.

Featuring Ubiquiti Hardware

Featuring one of the best suppliers of commercial network appliances. Ubiquiti works seamlessly with SendSquared Concierge Platform.