SendSquared Pre-Booking allows you to integrate cart-abandonment and lead-generation tools with your existing direct-booking engine while maintaining ADA compliance.

Capture your traffic's email

User our powerful email capture forms for more website conversions and list building.

Schedule a demo

Cross/up-sell prestay and poststay

Automatically link to automations for pre-sale, and post-sale. With our simple tracking pixle, take the worry out of integrations.

Easily install Cart Abandonment without the worry of compatibility

Don't worry about ensuring your existing booking engine is ready to integrate with the latest technology. SendSquared's PreBooking engine is compatible with any online booking system.

Engage with guests directly to book

You've done the hard part, and that's to offer direct bookings from your website! Now serve yourself and your guests better with SendSquared's Concierge PreBooking.

Collect guest info before they book

Here is how it works:

Install SendSquared Pre-Booking on your website.

When guest click to book their stay, they are prompted for their name, email address, and dates of their stay.

Guests are then forwarded to your existing booking engine and their information is added to your SendSquared.

simple to get started

With the help of our team of success managers, your pre-booking engine will be up and running in minutes.

Start collecting emails in minutes

Your success manager will work with you to customize your pre-booking page to your brand and help you set up your first campaign. In minutes, you'll be collecting emails and booking intent information never shared by your direct booking engine.