transactional messages

Timely, personal points of contact throughout the booking process.

With SendSquared, your guests will be guided through their booking process with assurance and a personal touch. Your email and text messaging before, during, and after each stay will be on-brand, secure, and personalized.
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Pre and Post Stay Messaging

Give your guests all the information they need

Get your guest excited about their stay and then remind them of the fun they had after they’re gone. Pre and post-stay messaging will help keep your guests’ stay front of mind. They won’t soon forget their experience and will want to come back again.
two-way messagings

Have conversations in real-time

Have conversations with your guests in real-time. Getting your guest the help they need and answering their questions will be simpler and faster.
powerful automations

Save your team 1,000s of hours

Because SendSquared houses all your guest data, you’ll be able to personalize your communication to every guest with details like their names or notes about their trip.

More Features To Love:

Stay history
Total lifetime value
Customer service notes
Marketing engagement
Survey results
Contact Information
Common Questions

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