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SendSquared will have you spending more time selling and less time on tedious tasks. You’ll never have to worry about missing out on a potential client due to a lack of follow-up. SendSquared features automated lead management that includes follow-up reminders and abandoned cart automation.
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Upgrade to a voice solution that helps you build better relationships with your guests and maximize your revenue

Direct Integration With Leading Property Management Systems

SendSquared is unique among hospitality communications software for our direct partnership with Property Management Systems instead of using third party data solutions.

What our customers are saying about SendSquared

See how SendSquared is helping these Vacation Rental Managers and Resorts build guest relationships by delivering personalized communication at scale.

Collins Vacation Rentals Upgrades Their Sales Efforts by Using Direct Integration

Collins Vacation Rentals used a legacy voice system for 13 years but consistently struggled with its poor third-party integration with their property management system (Barefoot Technologies). The third-party integration caused delayed or inaccurate data, leading to missed sales and poor customer service. 

Bolt Farm Treehouse Creates Netflix Worthy Marketing

Tori & Seth Bolt were one of SendSquared's first users, adopting the SendSquared platform during its infancy in the fall of 2019. Early on, the Bolt's used SendSquared primarily for its email campaign tools and have now grown to utilize the rest of the platform.

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