Why SendSquared

Grow your business by building real relationships with your guests

We started SendSquared to solve one basic problem: resort and vacation rental owners and marketers can’t easily use the data from their PMS to communicate with their guests.

Just imagine if they could unleash the guest information locked in their PMS and merge it with other guest information to better understand guest preferences. Just imagine the better guest experiences they could create.

Guests would only receive invitations about offers they’ve actually shown an interest in. They'd receive transactional information--as it happens--receipts, invoices, reservation and other notices.

Imagine their delight. We did. That’s why we created SendSquared, the guest insights and marketing platform built expressly to grow your hospitality business, using the PMS you already have. 

Unleash your PMS.

SendSquared integrates into the property management system you already use, so you’ll always have a single source of truth for all your guest information, even if you have multiple properties.

Gain insights.

SendSquared gives you greater insight into your guest preferences and choices. With it, you can target your communications and offers to those who are likely to act and avoid creating fatigue from those who won’t. The result is higher conversion rates and a better guest experience.

Grow your business.

It’s not rocket science. You create a great guest experience, and they’ll keep coming back for more. Why treat your guest experience as one offs? They come. They leave. And you’ve learned nothing about them you can meaningfully use for their next visit.

Grow your business by growing your guest intelligence. SendSquared makes it possible.

PM Systems we work with

More than 100 leading resorts and VRMCs have grown their business with SendSquared

Better guest experiences for every touchpoint.

SendSquared enables you to deliver the right message at the right time. Every time. Before, during, and after their stay.


of consumers say communication plays a significant role in their choice and loyalty to a brand

3,800% ROI

on email marketing


open rate for text messages

The personalized customer service got me on board, the continuous improvement and response to customer requests has kept us on board.

Cameron O. - General Manager

I'm a huge fan of SendSquared, we're getting more functionality from them and I've gotten nothing but A+ support over the past two years.

Paul Raudonat - Migis Hotel Group Marketing Manager